Four Signs That You Need a New Logo for Your Business

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There has been a lot of hype about YAHOO changing its logo to a new one. You might start asking yourself whether your business also needs a new logo design. A logo is the public face of your company if it does not represent the company well its high time that you thought about changing it. Several signs may show your company needs another logo.

Below are signs that show you need a new logo design

Your logo isn’t representing your business

With time a lot of companies tend to evolve. It’s not new for business owners to start with certain services and products and then change into something else as time goes by. If the logo you are using does not represent the current business you are in, then its high time you got a new logo. A logo should represent your current company as well as your future aspirations.

Your logo was a DIY

If the logo you are currently using was a do it yourself or you had a family or friend help you design it, then its high time you sort professional designer to help you rebrand it. A professional designer will use all the necessary tools to ensure that you have a unique logo. Also if you aren’t receiving any complement on the DIY logo, you should consider changing it.

Your logo is less appealing as compared to your competitors

 If you conduct research and find out that the logo designs of your competitors are more attractive than yours, then you should consider updating it. You can also check out your followers on social media and compare to your competitors. If they have a broader fan base, then you should consider changing the design of your business logo and give it a new design.

Your logo is not adaptable to the modern media

 If your logo was created 15 years ago for your business, it might not look that appealing or be used in platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Back then your logo might have looked great, but with the current trends in technology, it might be hard for it to adapt to the modern media.


Your logo is the face of your business. For it to stand out, it should be better than your competitors and easily adaptable to the modern media.

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