Five Excellent Sites to Create your Logo for Free

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We have all heard about how branding is vital for business. It’s crucial to present an image that is strong and cohesive to clients. A logo can help you achieve that. It’s not a must for you to be a professional to create an eye-catching logo, and also you don’t have to hire a designer. There are a lot of websites that you can use to create your logo for free without paying any cent, and others will even let you download it.


You can use the free version of the logomakr to select from multiple icons and use fonts which are available. Also, there are numerous color options which are adjustable and other objects that can be rearranged and resized to create a pleasant customer experience.

Once you are through with designing your logo, you can save it for free on your computer.

Free logo design

Free logo design website has options that are free. You can develop your logo using the fonts, colors, icons, and shapes. There are also design templates that you can use to help you with the logo design. You can decide to use the free version although it does not have a high resolution or get the paid version if you prefer a high-resolution version.


You can get low-resolution files here which are free or purchase the high-resolution ones. The process is quite straightforward as you enter your business name and view the samples. You can use keywords to search the many samples so that you get the images that fit your business. There are some editing options available before you download the image.

Graphic springs

Graphic spring is a website that will let you use its logo maker for free. It also includes access to specific features which are not available with other logo makers. Some of the features include visual effects. However, you have to buy the files once they are ready for download.

Logo yes

The design section of this site can be accessed for free. Although you must purchase for downloading the files. Their services are also cheaper as compared with the other sites. Some buying options go for less than a dollar.


These sites can be used to create your logo for free if you have a tight budget. You will create your logo according to the needs of your business. After you are done, you can save the design on your computer or download it at a small fee.

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